I was just in Japan recently and it felt like my first time again. It’s springtime in the Land of the Rising Sun and I’d never experienced this season until my latest visit.

The famed Sakura or cherry blossoms were all abloom—soft pink, dreamy, and breathtaking. You’ll see it everywhere, whether you are out for a quick morning run for coffee, strolling along the streets of the different cities, or capping the night with sake in your favorite izakaya or an informal Japanese bar.

But beyond spring, Japan has a lot to offer with its different seasons, rich culture, cuisine, functional architecture, and interesting way of life.

The good news is that we can also live and breathe Japan right in our very own home country with different Japanese restaurants and neighborhood attractions in Metro Manila.

Against this backdrop, the Ty Group—known for bringing the best of Japan to the Philippines such as top brand Toyota—has taken its Japanese partnerships a notch higher by actually giving Filipinos the opportunity to own a piece of Japan.

Federal Land Inc., Tys’ property arm, has brought together the synergy of Japanese expertise and Filipino hospitality through a partnership with Nomura Real Estate Development Co. Ltd and Isetan Mitsukoshi Holdings Ltd.

The Seasons Residences

Now, this formidable partnership launches the fourth residential tower of The Seasons Residences—Fuyu Tower, which follows the success of the first three towers Haru, Natsu, and Aki.

It’s the fourth and the final tower and the last chance for buyers to experience four seasons of Japan right at your home with The Seasons Residences.

With Fuyu Tower, discerning homeowners can expect the same meticulously designed living spaces as the first 3 towers, and amenities reminiscent of Japanese winters.

I saw the scale model of The Seasons Residences which gave me a glimpse of the rising Grand Central Park in Bonifacio Global City, Federal Land’s master-planned community patterned after New York City.

It looks promising, indeed, with The Seasons Residences as one of its anchor developments.

The Seasons Residences is a mixed-use development featuring upscale residences, curated amenities, and the first MITSUKOSHI in the country.

Best of both worlds

Being in this community will surely give buyers the best of both worlds—as it marries Filipino hospitality and a sense of community with the Japanese tradition of excellence and innovation.

Residents can experience Japanese innovations meant to elevate the standards of comfort, convenience, and functionality of their residents.

It’s as if you’re actually living in Japan, in your favorite Ryokan or hotel.

Instead, you will now have your Japanese-inspired home, which also reflects innovative Japanese technology to ensure safety and security.

All four towers are equipped with Viscoelastic Coupling Dampers, a breakthrough in earthquake vibration control technology that can withstand earthquakes and high winds, common to the Philippines and Japan.

Each unit is equipped with a unique Japanese storage system, like kitchen floor storage, shoe cabinet, and bedroom closets. The kitchens are fitted with a space-saving kitchen sink with draining and cutting boards to maximize counter space, a range hood with Japanese oil filter technology, as well as air-washing tiles that minimize excessive humidity and foul odors in the air.

As leakage protection, the units are equipped with a sunken slab or a below-floor drainage system for easier pipe maintenance. The development also has eco-friendly solutions like water-efficient Japanese-branded shower toilets in all units and motion sensor lighting in common areas.

Amenities for all Seasons

The amenity floor is patterned after the seasons of Japan, with the arrangement of the elements patterned after spring (Haru), summer (Natsu), autumn (Aki), and winter (Fuyu).

There’s a modern gym and landscaped gardens that evoke the fresh beginnings of spring.

The swimming pool and karaoke room bring to mind the fun of summer while autumn inspires creativity, so a music room, reading lounge, and business center are provided.

Lastly, The Seasons Residences offers a spa and wellness room reminiscent of Japanese winters.

Japanese shopping

And then there’s the country’s first—MITSUKOSHI BGC, a four-story mall named after Japan’s oldest department store.

I have been to MITSUKOSHI BGC and I’ve seen the different offerings it has—from retail shops to dining options. It is a shopper’s delight with its casual but elegant setting and lots of new offerings in the Philippine retail setting.

At the basement level is MITSUKOSHI’s signature depachika, a haven of top-shelf Japanese food and related products.

There’s a floor for modern beauty, truly a paradise for cosmetic enthusiasts.

The mall aims to offer a wide range of new lifestyle experiences through well-curated tenants, Japanese-style interior design, and omotenashi, or Japanese hospitality.

For sure, this rising community in North Bonifacio Global City transports us to Japan, minus the hustle and bustle and with all the fun.

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