What makes a house a home? In many ways, our homes embody how we live our day-to-day lives. It is a space that evolved to make us comfortable and happy. Sometimes, this is easier said than done.

Managing a household is a skill that everyone, regardless of gender, should learn. It requires a great deal of organization, time management, and dedication.  But with the right tools and techniques, you can create the best living space for yourself and your family.

Read our tips below to master the art of modern homemaking.

What is a Modern Homemaker? 

A homemaker manages a household, which may contain a family, a couple, or a solo dweller. From meal prepping to paying bills, your duties as a homemaker are all about keeping your house clean, safe, and comfortable.

Outdated beliefs paint the homemaker as a woman of a certain age living outside the metro with the full-time job of raising a family. The concept of a modern homemaker rejects this old-fashioned idea. 

Today’s homemaker could be a bachelor living solo in a condo unit, a career-driven couple saving up for their wedding, or even a single mom juggling child-rearing and freelancing. So long as you manage a household, gender and other details are irrelevant to your being a homemaker. 

What Do Modern Homemakers Do? 

Here are some of the chores and duties necessary for the upkeep of your home. 

  • Cooking: Cooking is essential to effective housekeeping. If you live with other people, you can assign one person in charge of all the cooking or take turns prepping your meal.
  • Grocery shopping: You need to stock your fridge and pantry so you don’t have to worry about running out of food. If you’re a busy homemaker who works full-time, you could do the groceries on weekends.
  • Housekeeping: Washing the dishes, vacuuming the floors and carpets, cleaning the bathroom, and changing the sheets and curtains are necessary for homemaking. You must keep your house clean and sanitary to avoid pest infestations and dirt buildup that may cause illnesses.
  • Decorating: As a homemaker, you get to decorate your space to your heart’s content. This lets you fully enjoy your living space and makes coming home a joy each time. Look for ways to design your condo in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Laundry: You can do the laundry with your own washing machine and dryer at home or take your load to a nearby laundry shop. Either way, this task requires precise scheduling so dirty clothes won’t pile up.
  • Gardening: Maintaining a garden is an excellent way to boost your house’s curb appeal and value. But if you live in an apartment or condo, you can use practical condo gardening strategies to take your love of plants indoors.
  • Managing finances: Your living and household expenses can quickly balloon if you’re not careful. So, you should closely monitor your spending and stay on track with your budget to ensure you always have enough funds for daily necessities.

Helpful Tips to Be a More Efficient Homemaker

Homemaking hacks don’t mean you’re cutting corners. Instead, you work smart as much as you can and unlock the most efficient way to be a homemaker via these tips.

1. Wake up early 

Whether juggling homemaking with a job or taking on the responsibility exclusively, it’s best to start the day right. This means getting up from bed and accomplishing as much as possible before midday. This way, you still have the rest of the day to attend to other chores and relax.

This tip is especially helpful if you have children. The quiet moment you have early in the morning, perhaps with a cup of coffee or tea, will get you in the zone for a hectic day ahead. 

2. Make a routine 

A daily routine will help you avoid overlooking smaller but important responsibilities. This approach also lets you know precisely how your days are supposed to pan out. Another advantage is the longer you commit to a routine, the easier it becomes. 

3. Get organized

Staying organized makes cleaning your home easier. If all your stuff is put away properly, then that means less clutter for you to clear. Make the most of your storage through space-saving solutions, like benches with hidden compartments and bed frames with drawers. 

Federal Land’s projects highlight storage as a vital feature. For example, The Grand Midori Ortigas has a Japanese-inspired shoe cabinet by the main door to ensure a neat and tidy space welcomes you home.

Another example is the Flex Suites at The Grand Midori Ortigas. The units have a built-in glass partition to segment your space and block interruptions. You can use this area as a storage space or a walk-in closet to help keep your home organized at all times, making cleaning less stressful.

4. Plan your cleaning

Committing tasks solely to memory may be ineffective. Instead, get organized with a monthly cleaning calendar. This helps ensure that you cover all the bases and that you do so within the timeframe you’ve set. A cleaning calendar also helps if you’re divvying chores with your housemates.

On the other hand, if you live alone and find cleaning the entire house too daunting, you can try cleaning one room at a time. A large floor area entails great responsibility—if you have a big home, you have more space to clean. This might easily overwhelm you, especially if you don’t get any help.

To prevent that from happening, learn to compartmentalize. Focus your energy and attention on one area a day. For instance, you can do the kitchen on Mondays, the master bedroom on Wednesdays, the children’s room on Fridays, and the living room and bathrooms on weekends. 

5. Delegate tasks

Do not do everything all by yourself; a modern homemaker is no robot. You might suffer from burnout if you don’t delegate. Involve all members of the household in managing it. After all, you all live in the same space, so everyone should be responsible for keeping it tidy.

6. Invest in time-saving equipment

Smart homes have become increasingly popular because of their myriad benefits. For starters, they make home management more convenient. They can also help you cut down on utility expenses. For example, you can adjust the thermostat to the weather outside with an automated air conditioning system.

Meanwhile, with a smart plug, you can control all appliances with a smartphone. Should your family head out for a weekend trip and you realize you’ve forgotten to unplug a gadget at home, you won’t have to make a U-turn and delay the day. You can address the problem remotely with a push of a button. Fortunately, there are affordable smart home systems at your disposal.

Some of the residential units in Federal Land’s Quantum Residences are equipped with USB ports, which make it easier for you to install smart appliances.

7. Stick to a meal planner 

The occasional food delivery and take-outs may add variety to your days, but nothing beats home-cooked meals. Meal planning is excellent because not only do you control what you eat, but you also get to bond with your family or roommates over lovingly prepared food.

On top of that, meal planning is also excellent for your savings since you won’t order food that often. You know what you have in the pantry and the fridge, what to do with them, and when. No supplies get past their use-by date. 

Successful meal planning requires strategic grocery shopping. When you do the groceries, bring a list so you won’t go over budget or forget an essential ingredient in your planned meals. 

8. Practice mise en place in the kitchen

Nothing is more frustrating than preparing a nice meal in the kitchen and having your momentum broken repeatedly because of tools and supplies you can’t find. You could remedy that possibility with the French phrase mise en place, which means “everything in place.” This concept can help you maximize your time. Plus, it can keep you from burning or ruining the dish by forgetting to include a key ingredient.

The Season Residences features a practical kitchen with a Japanese kitchen storage system and kitchen floor storage to provide adequate spaces for all your storage needs.

9. Set a budget

Running a household entails spending money. And you can’t go laissez-faire with your resources because you risk draining your bank account. Rule of thumb: budget like a pro. Know how much to spend on grocery shopping, cleaning, utilities, etc. Save money for contingencies, too. After all, you do not know when you’ll need to call the plumber or when you’ll have to replace a dysfunctional bidet. Check out budgeting apps to help you manage your finances. 

Homemaking at Its Finest

Modern homemaking may be demanding, but the right strategies can make it a fun and fulfilling experience. Take to heart the ones mentioned above, and you’ll efficiently and happily manage your home. Furthermore, remember that it all begins with choosing the right residential property. 

In that regard, Federal Land has got your back. The company offers real estate in Philippine prime spots boasting high investment potentials for either preselling or RFO. 

On top of that, its properties are under the care of the Federal Property Management Corp. (FPMC) to make modern homemaking even easier for homeowners. FPMC handles Federal Land condos’ day-to-day operations, including technical maintenance, amenity and garden upkeep, and other resident requests. 

Check out Federal Land properties and start your journey toward becoming a modern homemaking maven.