In Japan, drinking plays an important role in building social and business ties. When talking about alcoholic beverages from Japan, Sake has always been the first that comes to mind. It has had quite some time in the spotlight of popular media, which isn’t that surprising since it’s the national beverage of Japan. Sake is often served in highly ritualized ceremonies, as well as enjoyed in casual settings among family and friends.

Though Sake gets the most attention, Shochu is definitely a must-try among the popular beverages in Japan. Shochu is a distilled spirit predominantly made in Japan’s southern regions of Okinawa and Kyushu, where it was developed 500 years ago. Shochu is typically a stronger drink with an average of 25–30% alcohol content, far less fruity, and leans more toward a nutty and earthy taste.

That’s because it usually makes use of sweet potato (imo), barley (mugi), or rice (home) in the distilling process. But here’s a tip: mix it with warm or cold water or soda if you prefer a lighter drink, similar to a glass of wine. This process makes shochu a versatile drink that can be perfectly paired with many of your favorite foods!

Here’s a quick food recommendation from MITSUKOSHI FRESH Takato Ishimoto, a certified Shochu Kikisake-shi (Shochu sommelier):

Sushi and Sashimi + Rice Shochu

If you prefer something familiar, Ishimoto-san recommends sushi as a great place to start. Sushi has fresh and delicate flavors, which pair well with rice shochu’clean, mild taste. Rice shochu paired with tuna, salmon, and wagyu beef has more impact and a stronger umami, washing away the oil after eating sashimi so that you can get a better feel of the rice.

Kushiage (Deep Fried Skewer) + Barley Shochu and Lemon Sour

The classic crunch and flavor of deep-fried skewers or kushiage is one that Filipinos know all too well. When you pair this with the sourness of lemon sour soda and Barley Shochu, it washes away the salt and oiliness of the kushiage, providing you with a cleaner, zestier flavor.

Kakuni (Stewed Pork) + Hot water-mixed Shochu

Mixing liquor with hot water? Odd, we know, but doing so allows the scent of shochu to be released, giving you a fresher taste experience that pairs well with fatty or fried foods like kakuni or stewed pork. These succulent aromas contrast yet provide a satisfying balance of flavor that pack a lot of umami.

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